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"5 star lessons, 1st class hospitality"



Laura – Italy

“How to sum up in a few lines all the emotions, the fulfilled expectations…all inclusive warmth and pampering, truly smiling hosts, an outstanding view of the sea,, a beautiful, welcoming attic, Viv & Bob’s deeply felt vocation for hospitality, Viv’s love and passion for teaching….”

Mikel – Spain

“Thanks to all the Daniels for welcoming me with open arms.  I’ll always be grateful to Viv for teaching me English in such an efficient and well-organised way.  Thanks Bob for your advice and information about places when I went out, and thanks for all these lovely meals and bread you made every day.  I really hope to see you all again.”

Aurélien -  France 

“I learnt many things, this training was very helpful. I’m more confident now.. It was my first trip in England, which was a very good experience, so I will advise it to my colleagues and friends. I enjoyed every day of this week learning with Viv, walking with Bob.......... It was fantastic. 


“I came here a week ago with a goal: to improve my English for an important job interview.  I’ve achieved my goal and I’m happy.  But I can also confirm my opinion of the last time when I was here 6 months ago: you are welcome’s icon”

Anja & Lukas – Germany

“Your hospitality has been great from the first moment and has turned our stay into a really happy one.  We could not have chosen a better host family!!  Thank you for helping us to prepare our exciting days out and also for the excellent food.”

Jochen, Renate and family - Germany

“Thank you for the really great holiday.  So much better was the surprise as we were included in your whole family.  Our English lessons were great.  It was the first time my children and me saw that English learning can be wonderful.”

Wito - Germany

“Thank you for all…for being Viv’s student - lots of hard work every day…for Bob’s entertainment ... lots of laughter…I enjoyed every day and won’t forget this time.”

Dain - Korea

“Now this day is my last day in such a lovely house.  At the first I knew nothing and I worried about everything.  Homestay was my first experience, I felt very comfortable like my real home in Korea.  I was deeply impressed with everything and can’t forget you.  Callum & Becca are the most cute children in my life.  They helped me improve my English.  Thank you again.”

Reena – Switzerland

“Here you have delicious food indeed.  And Viv, thank you very much for being such a wonderful teacher.  I truly believe my English has improved to a better level.”

Krisztina, Zoltan, Ben, Bekka & Kira – Hungary

“You are doing an absolutely brilliant job.  We’ve experienced so many things here: meeting wonderful people (friends, neighbours, locals), visiting the loveliest countryside with charming streets and alleys, and beautiful old houses.  Bob you’re an outstanding cook – even my children loved your dishes – which is a bit of a compliment.  Viv, I enjoyed chatting with you and I’m also very grateful for your efficient lessons to my husband and children.”

Romana, Milan, Johana & Toby
- Czech Republic

“Homestay-on-Sea is just the right place for everyone who wants to improve their English, learn about English culture, spend their holiday with nice people and relax at the same time.  Homestay with the Daniels is worth at least ten stars.”

Kumi – Japan

I cannot thank you enough.  It was a great experience.  Viv, thank you for the great lessons.  I felt much easier speaking English, listening English than before.  I will come back here to have Viv’s lessons and see you all. Bob, you let me know many interesting things, bread maker, cooking recipe, shopping, pub etc”

Peter - Germany

“Expectations and reality…my expectations were more than fulfilled.  It was wonderful to stay with your family.  Beautiful room with sea-view ... my English has improved and I feel much more confident thanks to Viv, a great teacher.”
Jon Josepa – Spain

“I’ll never have enough time or space to thank all of you for the kindness, the generosity, the love and the patience that I’ve received from you.  It has been enjoyable doing lessons...and such delicious meals.  Thank you for taking care of me.”

Claudine - France

“I spent a very good holiday with all your family and I really improved my English. You are very very nice.  I won’t forget you Bob, Viv, Becca Callum, in my opinion you are the perfect English family: a super teacher, a good cook always smiling and two children who are very funny.  Thank you very much.”

Marjorie, Christian and family - France

“We had a wonderful time. Héloïse and Clément particularly enjoyed meeting Callum and Becca
and I think they will never forget their first Halloween party. Thank you for making our stay so agreeable. We are all looking forward to coming again next year.”

Haidara - United Arab Emirates

“What can I say? It’s my last day with the best host family in England (in my opinion).  I really like this family from my heart.  Mr Bob, I feel so relaxed when I speak with him, and Mrs Viv, she is very nice, she always take care of me and she is always smiling.  She is the best cook in UK.”

Valentina – Russia

“They were lovely family. Viv’s the nice, enduring, accurate teacher.  I’ll try to come back.”

Yu-Yi – Hong Kong

“It’s really happy to stay with you all.  You are so nice and friendly.  Though it’s only a week it’s so unforgettable.  Even I stay here during the Luna New Year I didn’t feel lonely at all.  Viv & Bob, you are very nice.  And I could always enjoy some well-cooked food.”

Frances - Germany

“Thank you very much for the best week I’ve ever had in England.  The whole family is very nice… and the English lessons are so helpful. Thank you for everything.”

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